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Celebrate the hope that Jesus brings in even the most difficult of circumstances

Poverty is a thief. It deprives children of what they need to live, grow and thrive. But worse, it prevents a child from having dreams and aspirations for a better future. It steals their hope.

But hope starts with the message of the Gospel. Hope starts with a relationship with Jesus. Hope starts with the loving support of the local church. And Hope Starts Here with a sponsor like you.

Hope Starts Here invites you to witness the realities of life for children living in extreme poverty and the local church’s incredible response. Be inspired, moved and empowered by the lasting hope of a brighter future.

This powerful, all-age event is free to both host and attend.

It can be hard to understand what children in poverty feel every day.

Hope Starts Here will take you on a journey through a series of interactive experiences. You'll virtually travel to Uganda to meet a real child named Blessing and her family as they confront the daily realities of poverty.

Learn more about them as you move through each experience, and see what a typical day holds with all its challenges and choices. It’s a chance to see life from a completely different perspective, and to be energized by the church’s opportunity to bring the hope of Jesus around the world.

This event is free and family-friendly.

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What’s the Hope Starts Here Experience like?