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Introducing Hope Starts Here Online a Compassion Experience for Small Groups Introducing Hope Starts Here Online a Compassion Experience for Small Groups

Ignite conversations. Commit to biblical justice. And grow your church's heart for discipleship, generosity and global mission.

Hope Starts Here online is a compassion experience specifically designed for small groups. If you're a leader looking to host a unique event, or if you're looking for resources to complement your existing small groups, youth groups or Bible studies, Hope Starts Here Online is for you.

Hope Starts Here Online is free to host and attend. It is self-paced but takes most small groups approximately 45 minutes to complete. It can be streamed online or downloaded to your own device to make it as easy and accessible as possible. And we'll send you guides and resources to help plan your event - along with profiles of unsponsored children to give your small group an oppurtunity to sponsor in response to what they've experienced

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It's our prayer that all those who experience Hope Starts Here Online will:
  • Be challenged by stories of a family's struggle, sacrifice and generosity.
  • See how the local church is igniting hope in the lives of children living in extreme poverty.
  • Witness first-hand the life-transforming power of child sponsorship.
  • Be moved to respond as they see that, for a child in desperate need, hope can start with them.

What is Hope Starts Here Online?

Hope Starts Here Online is a video-based experience that takes your group to Uganda to meet a child named Blessing and her family as they confront the daily realities of poverty

Learn more about them as you move through each chapter, and see what a typical day holds - with all its challenges and choices. It's a chance to see life from a completely different perspective.

it includes

An immersive video journey to Uganda structure over four themed chapters

Self-guided reflection oppurtunities supported by video devotionals

A comprehensive planning guide to help you make the most of this unique experience

Hope Starts Here is an amazing resource for pastors to bring the lens of poverty to their church without having to spend thousands of dollars to take their people to those countries to see it for themselves.
We have a unique opportunity to encourage our people to take an active role as the hands and feet of God. Many people ask, "What can I do?" You don't have to move the world, you just have to start and I think Hope Starts Here provides that opportunity.

Hope Starts Here Online

Hope starts with a church like yours

Hope Starts Here Online can be hosted at your church, at home or anywhere else. All you need is a screen connected to a computer or streaming device and guests to share the experience with.

Through a series of powerful videos and opportunuties for group reflection, Hope Starts Here Online will help your small group witness the realities of life for children living in extreme poverty, see the local church's incredible response, and reflect on our individual responsibility to take action. It's an inspiring and motivational resource for small groups, youth groups or Bible studies. Or host a unique event and give your guests a truly powerful experience.

It's simple to register, and we'll send you everything you need. Click the button below to get started.

Register for Hope Starts Here Online

Next steps

  • 1. Set a date and complete the form to register an event for your church. (Your event date can always be changed after registration.)

  • 2. Plan your event with the video and resources we send your way

  • 3. Invite guests and spread the word about your event

  • 4. Take your guests on an online journey that will inspire, move and empower them

Who is Hope Starts Here Online for?

It is an invaluable resource for church leaders who:

  • Are passionate about educating their community poverty and its damaging affects.
  • Want to partner their church with the work of local churches on the frontline mission field.
  • Seek ways to demonstrate bibilical justice.
  • Want to inspire their community to adopt lifestyles of discipleship, giving, and generosity.

Need more information?

Get in touch to explore how Hope Starts Here Online could best serve you and your church